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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  February 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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february 9th, including a dramatic drop in temperature. 21 degrees, and as i stepped out the door, you could feel how cold the air was, compared to yesterday, when it was balmy near 40. >> i declare this bulky, ugly sweater day. break them out. doesn't matter what you look like as long as you are warm. the temperatures have plummeted. near 20 in washington, and southern maryland, weather watchers reporting 20 there. it is in the teens elsewhere. we have a bit of a breeze. windchills, occasionally, down to single digits. this morning. over the last 24 hours, a clear sky. increasing clouds moving in from the west. that is coming from a storm system way out in the plains. temperatures at 25 degrees at the surface.
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by noon near 30, and thnks we will get above freezing. most of the day, we are going to be below freezing and again tonight. take a look at the night planner forecast. that will be coming up in ten minutes at 5:11. now, jerry, good morning. how is the commute? >> good morning, it is a good morning on the roads so far. over on the capital beltway, north of town, between green belt, all the way to the american legion bridge, nothing to worry about. volume on the outer loop, typical for this time of the morning. westbound, no concerns. making the trip in along 270, looking good. route 15, both directions, no concerns at i-70. you should be in good shape. checking the trains, so far, metro trails, starting off
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quietly. >> we are following breaking news out of montgomery county. police are investigators the death of a woman. it happened in silver spring. tracee wilkins is first on the scene and live with what she knows. >> it is a quiet seen here in quebec terrace and silver spring. investigators are working inside this apartment building to gather evidence. they tell us around midnight they got a call from a service center here, in the silver spring area, saying he killed his wife. police have identified that man as bernardo flores, and identified his wife, 33 year-old elizabeth vasquez. the body of vasquez is still here inside the apartment building. they are investigating. they say, when they arrived on the scene, she was suffering from apparent trauma. the husband did bring them back
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here to the apartment building, and quietly went into cust deep. they are continuing their investigation here. if you look down at the window, can you see the investigators are working downstairs, and gathering what evidence they need. an unusual case. a very quiet scene. you wouldn't know what was happening here if you didn't  have that information, the woman was found dead. they had children, but the children were not here at the time. no other victims were found inside the apartment. >> tragic. thank you very much. and firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a fire in green belt, 7400 block of morrison drive. five people were in the home, displaced, but not injured. the fire is under investigation. firefighters say it may have been electrical in nature, from
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a possible heater inside. >> the 1,100 block of pennsylvania avenue northeast is now open, after police ended a barricade situation peacefully. they responded to a domestic violence call. the man inside said he had a gun. he stayed inside two and a half hours before walking out on his own after midnight. the streets around the area are back open. the man charged with killing chandra levy facing sentencing. the prosecutors say that in november, a jury convicted him in the murder of alcohol's disappearance and death. news for the d.c. public
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school system, dozens of teachers will be getting their jobs back saying that chancellor rhee illegally fired them. the school system never told them why they were fired and didn't give them a chance to appeal the decision. they have not decided how to proceed. >> metro escalators are breaking down more often, and taking longer to fix. the escalators are breaking down once every seven days. it is taking three hours longer to fix than in 2008. the largest number of any transit system in north america.
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>> new this morning, it appears that talks between north and south korea have fallen apart. on tuesday, officials from south korea said the talks collapsed and the two have not agreed for a date on the next meeting. they made progress on the first day, to reunite families split up in the korean war in the '50s, the stop start pattern could take weeks or even months. >> a story out of iraq this morning, car bombs, killing 75. the blast started outside of a kurdish police headquarters, police believe it was intended to target a police patrol, lead by one of the force's top commanders. it sits atop of one third of iraq's oil reserves. we know the name of an american killed in afghanistan.
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david hillnan was killed in a custom's warehouse in kandahar. he was working as a border mentor and advisory. hillman was continuing to serve his country by contributing his vast knowledge and experience. >> a local teacher in trouble. what she is accused of doing to a local first grader. >> a violent crash involving a crowded bus. >> and teeth chattering cold. s
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our time is 5:10. 21 degrees outside. our director said, looking at that picture, it looks cold. the jrves memorial looks frozen in place. >> teeth chattering cold. nose numbing cold. thankfully, the winds diminished overnight. they did pump in arctic air that will be in place for a couple of days. 20 degrees in washington, and by the bay. weather watchers reporting
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clouds coming in, it is mostly cloudy. west virginia. see the steam vents rising into the air in washington with the cold air in place. here is your day planner. by 9:00, near 30 by noon, cloudy by the rest of the afternoon. hoover above freezing for the rest of the afternoon. by 11:00, upper 20s and mid 20s. low pressure passes to the south. we will take a look at thursday, friday, saturday and the weekend. >> breaking traffic new, listen up, in northern virginia, accident reports are initially,
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an overturned tractor trailer. 66 westbound, just west of the capital beltway, as traffic would go west on to i-66, a report of an overturned tractor trailer. police are indicating they will close the ramp, from westbound i-66, obviously, it will back up quickly on the beltway, possibly both directions, spfblgly on the outer loop trying to go west on 66. the fire department is just now getting there. we will keep you updated. >> no delayed on metro, or vre. metro under ten minutes. >> the time is 5:12. >> an iconic dress literally fit for a princess is now on sale. >> get it now. and a pledge from the head of pepco, in light of the on-going outage problems. >> what a teacher is accused of
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that her husband called from a pay phone to confess in the murder. it happened in silver spring. police are collecting evidence this morning. it is so cold this morning, and firefighters say a heater may have sparked a house fire. five people had to being evacuated at 5:00 in the morning. the true cause is under investigation. an unroar over dozens of teachers fired from the d.c. public school system. this morning, those teachers will be getting their jobs back. an arbitrator ruled that michelle rhee improperly fired those teachers in 2008. >> the first lady wants you to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her campaign to fight childhood obesity. she will be on "today" this
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morning. >> okay. a first grade teacher accused of choking nine of her students will appear in front of a judge today. police arrested susan burke, charging her with assault. nine children from her class claim she shocked them back in december. burke was put on administrative leave. we spoke to one of the sisters of the alleged victims. >> our teacher was choking us. >> did he say why? >> no, he didn't say why. >> the victims state that teacher put her hands around their necks, and in a choking kind of motion. >> in a letter sent home to parents, the principal said that allegations are serious, and the school system will not tolerate
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any misbehavior to students. protesters remain in the square this. is video from tuesday night, an estimated 250,000 gathered for a peaceful and yofial protest. army did not stop them from enters, and family brought kids to the gathering. he warned that government can't put up with the protests for much longer. >> the secret service is investigating graffiti on the cultural center. crews have painted over the graffiti. you may find this video disturbing. it is a bus crash caught on video tape.
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aboard a bus in turkey. a crash, 18 were taken to the hospital. you can see that truck smashed into the bus, which caused the bus to hit a electrical tower. >> pepco's executive is feeling the heat from the power outages. he said he would not accept his bonus. he testified in a maryland hearing. he apologized for the outages that left many in the dark during the storm. there is legislation that would fine pepco. >> pepco told the national park service to prepare for a planned outage, they brought in generators. they closed the lincoln memorial while the lights were out.
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>> oklahoma is expecting to get slammed with more snow. in fact, is right now. nbc's jay gray is live in oklahoma city with more where the great plains are becoming the great pains, right jay? >> reporter: no question. another brutal morning. right now in oklahoma city, 6 degrees, with a windchill of minus 16. snow is expected thought the day to accumulate 8 to 12 inches on the heels of blizzard conditions that crippled this state last week. it extends through texas, arkansas and across the south. this is just the second round. it has closed schools, many businesses remain open here. we have seen plows, a couple of times this morning, doing very little good to this point, the snow continues to blow and
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accumulate here. they expect it to continue throughout the day then into tomorrow. we expect to see a slight warming trend. obviously, it will take some time to dig out after two weeks of snow here. in some areas of oklahoma, they have already seen 14 inches this week, after 17 inches last week. it has been a rough go and continues this morning. >> with that kind of wind and cold, if you lose power, that could be life-threatening. if you lose power in your home, what is the swagsz? >> reporter: right now, it is good. the power companies across oklahoma are confident that they can keep things going. they have crews around the area, and other states affected. crews coming from areas not affected to help, in case there is a serious outage. right now, things are good.
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>> more good news, we are finished of the. get inside and get warm. >> thank you very much. >> poor jake gray, what was the temperature? >> 15 below. >> the snow is blowing in his face. >> i am not complaining anymore. >> no more whining. >> winter lovers, no big snowstorm rs for us in the stoer foreseeable future. it is wintery cold. we are down in the teens here, not below zero and by the bay. we will have our temperatures later this morning, warming into the mid 20s. increasing clouds throughout the day. right now, partly cloudy, over the jefferson memorial. by nine, in the mid 20s. sunshine. a bit of sun.
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above freezing, and breezy and cold tomorrow. may hit the mid 40os saturday, maybe near 50 on sunday and monday. into next week. no big storms. how is the traffic? >> breaking news in northern virginia that will affect your commute. along interstate 66, it is an accident, it is an overturned truck, we are told it is carrying a load of trash. the outer loop, west on i-66 there, is the truck on its side. authorities closed the ramp from the outer loop to go to 66 west. the ramp from the outer loop, to go on to 66 west in virginia. right now, police tell us only the ramp is closed. west on 66, coming off the inner loop to go west, you will be all right. it is the outer loop, no access
5:23 am
there. creating trouble for you folks from maryland, trying to go on 66 westbound. we will keep you updated. nothing out of the ordinary. a developing situation, on the tracks, that would affect the brunswick lineup. we will check on that and get back at you. 104001 could be a big deal. >> we will get back to that. >> 5:23, fit for a princess. now who said eggs are getting healthier? >> and taco bell, fighting fire
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tacob bell is giving away free tacos after the bad press it received, a lawsuit that claims their beef was 35% beef.
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details about this on the taco bell facebook page. >> the dressicate middleton wore on her official engagement photo, is for sale. several stores throughout the u.s., including one in georgetown. the company expects all the dress says to sell out by the week's end. i would imagine by the end of the day. >> not the one she wore. >> just the same dress. >> okay. >> nice deal, i guess. >> not that expensive, either. >> and the news dozens of d.c. teachers have been waiting for. >> and the so-called white house party crashers, did they crash the big game?
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did they crash the owner's box at the super bowl? >> and we
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breaking news on the roads, a trash truck tips and could make your commute a mess this morning. inside on a quiet street, trying to figure out what leadep to a homicide overnight. met metro -- >> welcome to news 4 today on this tuesday, the 9th day of february. a live look outside. it is cold. k-o-h-l-d. >> capital k. >> gusty winds, and thankfully, the winds have settled down. washington, near the bay. single digits, western maryland, and west virginia, near 20 on
5:32 am
the eastern shore. virginia, tide water. increasing clouds from the west it. looks like it will be a mostly cloudy day. and it will be in the mid 20s by nine clock. briefly above freezing, most of the day, below freezing. with lighter winds. take a look at your night planner forecast. 5:41. big problems on 66. >> it will be a tough one for those traveling the beltway, trying to go on 66 west. an accident with an overturned tractor trailer. that's it on the side. on the ramp to the capital beltway 66 west in virginia. the ramp southbound, 495 to i-66 west. on i-66, all lanes are open. it is the ramp only at the moment that is closed. the inner loop, you will not be affected.
5:33 am
the ramp to i-66. go west, outer loop, head on 50, and catch it westbound, to go west on 66, you will be okay. falls church folks, smooth sailing past the scene. route 29, next time we get back to you t won't be like this. a truck overturned, carrying cantaloupe. >> brunswick, a problem with a broken down freight train with the entrance, 890, 892 and 894 at this point are cancelled. >> 5:33, breaking news in
5:34 am
montgomery county police are investigating the death of a woman. it happened in the 100 block of quebec terace and silver springs. tracee is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, you can see here, montgomery county police investigators and detectives are putting evidence in the truck there. it looks like they are are wrapping up the scene. a moment ago, they brought out the body of the 33-year-old who was killed in the 100 block here in silver brings. montgomery county police say they got a call from a pay phone not far from the building. the man on the foenl said he killed his wife a few hours ago. the man guided them here to this apartment building, to the body of elizabeth vazquez, where her body was found. the man has been identified as 32 year-old bernardo flores overa. in police custody.
5:35 am
no word on the cause of death. we are told that couple had children, the children were not inside the apartment at the time. they believe that the children may have been with relatives. >> new this morning, firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a fire in a home in greenville. the fire started at just over 1:30 the cause of the fire is under investigation. firefighters say it may be electrical, stemming from a heater. >> 75 heaters will be offered their jobs back. more on the story. >> good morning, joe chancellor rhee stepped down after mayor
5:36 am
fenty's failed re-election bid. the stunning announcement that she would fire 250 teachers, and 500 teacher aides brought out protesters by the hundreds. now, we know an arbitrator ruled that former school chanceler rhee improperly fired 75 teachers back in 2008. the arbitrator found that school system never told them why they were being fired and didn't give them a chance to refute it. two years of back pay. no word on how many of the teachers would want to be rehired. d.c. public school spokesman said they are going to challenge the decision. >> lindsay lohan is in trouble again.
5:37 am
prosecutors say they will charge the actress with felony grand theft. detectives obtained a search warrant, but her assistant returned the necklace before they got there. >> what lohan is claiming is that she borrowed it from the schoer and her stylist forgot to return the item to the store. >> the felony carries up to a three-year center. >> michaele and it. areq were found in the owners suite, that got people talking.
5:38 am
they did have game tickets, but not for the suite level. the couple knows a member of the jones' family and stopped by to briefly say hello. >> it is 21 degrees. if you head to one of the smithsonian museums this weekend, you will see more than just exhibits. >> a baggage handler who
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welcome back, 5:41, not sure what to have for breakfast, why not have eggs? eggs have 14% less cholesterol than a decade ago. they have 64% more vitamin d, experts believe the changes came from improvements in chicken diets, the labels will soon be updated with new health nmpth. >> several school delays to tell you about, allegheny county, the mount ridge district is opening two hours late. and mineral counties, opening two hours late. they got snow. >> yes, four, five inches of snow. picking up moisture there,
5:42 am
dumping it on the mountains, but not here. we have had a few flurries, right now, the winds are greatly diminished. and the temperatures are way down. in the teens throughout most of the region. mid and upper teens, near 20 in washington, and single digits out in the mountains. this area of low pressure that is out in the midwest. it looks like will it pass, and a few flurries by this time tomorrow morning. partly sunny, mostly cloudy afternoon. getting above freezing this is your day planner. here is the night planner forecast. cloudy tonight, below freezing, maybe flurries by dawn. we will look at the rest of the week and the weekend. the problems continue. >> tom, it will be a tough one for a lot of folks this morning. breaking news, with the overturned trash truck, beltway,
5:43 am
west on i-66. very important, we have been told that out of falls church is blocked. you must exit at the capital beltway, near the temple, two lanes are closed. overturned truck carrying cantaloupe. there it is, jamming up quickly. trying to get through silver spring. trouble on the rail this morning, broken down freight train, no service at the fredrick or menocsee stations, shady grove metro will honor the tickets. >> breakfast on the go. >> bring a napkin. 22 degrees, ahead this morning, the next big tech toy.
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breaking news, a trash truck. >> new information from the transit system out this morning, a report shows that 588esque lafrts breakdown once every five days and it takes three hours longer to repair than in 2008. only 30% could be attributed to scheduled maintenance. they have the most escalators than any system in north america. >> a fairfax family is looking for their dogs, chocolate labs, has been missing since earlier this week. they made calls to shelters and
5:47 am
vets, but nobody has seen the missing dogs. they fear that chiefs found value in the labs. >> i pray someone has separated them. -- has not separated them. they have been together their whole lives. >> a flight about to take off on monday morning, u.s. airways plane getting ready, when passengers heard screaming and thumping from under the floor. it turns out that a baggage handler was trapped inside. it could have been a life-threatening situation. >> the recovery of congresswoman
5:48 am
gabrielle giffords is promising, but doctors say it is too soon to tell if she can attend her husband's shuttle launch. mark kelly said he will prepare for the shuttle's final mission, and expects his wife to be well enough to watch the launch in april. there is a variety of factors, if she could fly and how much noise she could tolerate. the first lady is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her let's move campaign to fight childhood obesity. on the "today" show she will talk about the challenges ahead. beginning at 7:00 this morning. the president will try to improve his relationship with the gop, hosting a lunch for republicans leaders. the majority whip, and the
5:49 am
majority leader will talk about spending, and some of the ideas from the state of the union address. he said this speaks to the willingness of the issues the people want us to focus on. >> and they are trying a new angle to do it. congress has to improve a budget after march, and gop are looking to choke off funding for the law. they hope to strip the law of funding making new operations impossible. because they wouldn't have any money. president obama will fight this move if a budget is not agreed upon by march 4th, the government would have to shut down. >> the ipad production is said to be faster, thinner, and a front-facing camera will be included. available through at&t and
5:50 am
verizon wireless. apple has sold 14 million ipads since last april. expect to see the new ipad in stores next spring. pepco's top executive is feeling the heat from the power outages. he he said he would not take his bonus this year. he apologized for the out angles that left 180,000 in the dark and cold during last month's storm. lawmakers are considering legislation. >> here is a live look at the memorial. telling the park service to prepare for an outage. the park service closed the lincoln memorial while the lights were off.
5:51 am
>> a look at wlb and traffic on the ones, take a look at the forecast. >> the cold wind brought in an arctic air mass. near the bay, single digits out in western maryland. they got up to five inches. and picking up moisture off the great lakes, an area of cold air came in. now, increasing clouds moving in from the west. coming from a storm system that is unloading snow in oklahoma. it does appear that that system will continue to track off to the east. as it does move east, we may get a dusting of light snow, central virginia, as far north of maryland. late tonight and dawn tomorrow, it will move quickly to the east. half an inch at the most.
5:52 am
it will be cold enough, fredricks burg and points south, and sunshine coming back for the rest of thursday. for this morning, for the bus stop, you need to layer up. we will have the sun up. 7:00. we have a partly cloudy sky over the jefferson memorial. by 9:00, in the mid 20s. it will briefly get above freezing by mid afternoon. a few flurries by the metro area by dawn. low 20s by then. a dusting to half an inch in far southern maryland, and sun back on thursday afternoon. breezy, cold. and then, below freezing. a bit warmer sunday and monday. a. >> a bad morning for trucks on
5:53 am
the beltway, the exit from the outer loop, west on i-66 in northern virginia, authorities continue to deal with an accident, overturned trash truck. it is flipped on its side. the ramp from the outer loop, west on 66 is closed. now, police are telling us, westbound 66 out of falls church, trying to get to the beltway, that is now diversed at the capital beltway. the only way too go west on 66 is the left-hand exit off the loop, that is open, everything else is blocked up as authorities try to clean it up. accident involving an overturned truck, near the mormon temple. carrying cantaloupe. delays developing quickly, in addition to that police are responding to yet another crash
5:54 am
on the outer loop of the berlt way, new hampshire avenue. that accident, reported in the roadway as well. silver springs, it will be a tough commute. out to the trains, brunswick, no service from the fredrick. we will keep you updated. >> arlington county leaders sdroped the controversial lawsuit against the hot lanes project on 395. v-do the announced it won't pursue high occupancy layups. the suit could be dropped. the state plans to build toll lanes on i-95.
5:55 am
>> the dispute lead to an apology and a protest. >> she is not shy about breast feeding in front of people. she was here at the museum, feeding her 11-month-old elaine on january 30th. >> on the bench. i began feeding the baby. and a guy came over and said you can't. >> when a second security guard approached, she decided to move. >> again, i moved to the other side of the bench. another guard came over. you can't feed there. >> that guard told her she had to nurse in the rest room. she told them there was no
5:56 am
benches, and they suggested see sit on the toilet and breast feed there. >> reporter: according to federal regulations, and d.c. law, women have the right to nurse wherever they want. a statement quote this was a mistake, taken care of. two contractors, they have been re-trained it is acceptable behavior in any public place and everywhere in the smithsonian. despite the apology, they are inviting breast feeding mothers from all over for what they are dubbing "a nurse in." . >>. >> reporter: the organizers at the nurse-n say they plan to pass out laminated cards explaining breast feeding laws.
5:57 am
they 8 welcome the mothers, but they don't allow anyone to pass out materials at the smithsonian. after missing up the national anthem, christina aguliera is getting a second chance. >> at the twilight last gleaming ♪ >> her highly criticized performance, when she mixed up the lyrics. now, the brooklyn cyclones, a minor league baseball team invited her to one of their home games. baseball players know about errors and they would like to offer her a shot on redemption no word if she took them up on their offer. >> the mini van for dads.
5:58 am
>> breaking news out on the roadways, a lot of problems on the beltway and i-66. >> very cold out there. >> very[ female announcer ] why is travel these days about what you give up and not what you get? like electricity for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs... and your wingspan. food when you're hungry... and taking off your shoes only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back on acela. [ male announcer ] amtrak guest rewards members, take three round trips on acela and get one free. details on
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